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Why should you join our team?


Growth Opportunities

In our team, you will be faced with obstacles and challenges. But, no worries, we as a team will hand in hand solve the problems and experience growth in many unknown territories. Well, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger right?


Work - Life Balance

We adopt the Work-Life Balance culture heavily in our team, consisting of young people, promotes fun working environment and truthfully we dislike homeworks very much. So, your life will not be disrupted by the works in the team.


Solid Team

We can assure you that you will not be left behind in the team. The members of our team strongly uphold the growth of each member. So, you can directly ask anybody upon the obstacles you faced during the work and be closer with everyone. Our team is also our ‘Ohana’, and ‘Ohana’ means family, family means ‘No one left behind’.


Work Environment

Be casual. In the team, you are not forced to be wearing suit and tie everytime you enter the office. Moreover, due to many fun things to be done in our current office (ex: bowling lane, billiard, table tennis, sleeping corner, and many other more), we believe that our brain will be induced with creativity and hence make us grow even more.

in our team:

Current Open Positions in our team:

Business Development

Front-End Developers

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